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College Athletes Should Be Paid - 1003 Words

Here is a number for you, $814 million. That is the average amount of revenue the National Collegiate Athletic Association currently makes per year (Gerencer). How much are the NCAA athletes compensated for their hard work, sacrifices, and effort? That s right, $0. NCAA events such as March Madness and the Football Championship Series (the college national championship), attract massive crowds, national TV coverage, and sold out venues. When is an athletic scholarship no longer enough to support and reward the athletes? Because division 1 athletics attract new students, excite alumni, and earn revenue for their schools and coaches, all without being able to secure a job, therefore, the athletes should be paid. The argument against the†¦show more content†¦The success of a sport in the college level can create a supportive alumni base also. When a team becomes successful and stays successful, the alumni donates money and stays connected with their alma mater. On the flip side of that, if a team is not as successful and does not produce as much, the alumni does not have a good showing at the games and the donations decline. The month of March may be the largest stage for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The basketball tournament known as â€Å"March Madness†, brings in publicity, as well as revenue for the schools. People may ask, â€Å"why is this college basketball tournament so popular?† The answer is, it is the student athletes that make it exciting to watch. The athletic director for student services at Kansas State University, Phil Hughes, calls the student athletes â€Å"The Entertainment Product† (Varsity Green 13). The nickname may sound rash or rude, however he is right. The student athletes attract the crowds, that lead to sold out arenas. Hughes’ office is in a $1 million facility in the academic learning center at KSU, right next to the $2 million football facility (Varsity Green 14). If it were not for the publicity and revenue from the big-stage events for KSU, there would not be any million dollar facilities for the students and coaches to enjoy. The commitment and dedication to a division 1 sport on theShow MoreRelatedShould College Athletes Be Paid?1578 Words   |  7 PagesAshay Mehta Nou Per 8 Should College Athletes Be Paid? One of the hottest debates in the sports industry is if college athletes should be paid. If you want to pay these athletes, how would the college determine the dollar amount that should be paid? Should the basketball team make more than the football team? Should the the soccer team be paid as well? Cheerleading? Chess team? Should everyone on the team get a salary? What if your college is good at football and your basketball team is awfulRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid?1398 Words   |  6 Pagesbelieve that college athletes at the highest performing schools are better treated than others. Although they do not get paid, they do receive some benefits for being athletes that other students would not get. One advantage for playing a sport is access to scholarships that some schools reserve for their athletes. Depending on the school and the athlete’s performance, money towards tuition is often given. Only some schools are willing to grant â€Å"full-ride† scholar ships for certain athletes. AccordingRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid?1289 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout the years college sports have been about the love of the game, filled with adrenaline moments. However, the following question still remains: Should college athletes get paid to play sports in college? Seemingly, this debate has been endless, yet the questions have gone unanswered. The National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) plays a vital role in this debate. The NCAA is a billion dollar industry, but yet sees that the athlete should get paid for their hard work and dedicationRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid?1334 Words   |  6 Pagesrising to the surface is â€Å"Should college athletes be paid?†. This has become a burning question. The NCAA is a multibillion-dollar industry, that makes millions, if not billions, in revenue. Yet it’s still maintains the non-profit status meaning that the industry is not set on making a profit and none of the revenue that is made is distributed to its members, managers, or officers. While most players who play in college sports are under a scholarship, that pays for the college tuition, books, and housingRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid?1364 Words   |  6 PagesHave you paid attention to all of the news that has been surfacing about collegiate sports lately? It is a big topic now days in the world of sports on weather college athletes should be getting paid to play sports. College athletics have gained great popularity of the past few decades, and have brought schools lots of revenue. A lot of college athletes think they should be getting paid for their services they do for their school. College sports like basketball and football generate over six billionRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid?1130 Words   |  5 PagesWhat college athlete would not want to be paid to play the sport that he or she loves? The real question is, though, should college athletes be paid fo r their roles in a college’s athletics? They are many points to each side of this recent controversial topic, which is why this has been made into such a hot debate in the past couple of years. As of right now, these athletes are not getting paid, but many of them truly believe that they should. Others believe that they already are being paid throughRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid?986 Words   |  4 PagesPaying the College Athlete The college athlete has steadily grown in popularity in the United States over the span of the past decades. Monetarily speaking, this increased publicity has been extremely beneficial for National Athletic Association (NCAA) and all the colleges involved in athletics which has sparked the dispute of whether or not the athlete should be paid for their hard work and dedication on the field and to their school or if the athletic scholarship is more than enough. College athletesRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid?1239 Words   |  5 PagesLindsey Simmerman Speech 102 T/Th 1:00-2:15 October 25, 2016 Should college athletes be paid to play? Specific Purpose: To persuade the class to agree with my stance on paying college athletes to play sports Thesis: College football is the hours players spend practicing and performing, the number of injuries the players face, and the persona these athletes must portray every day all the while watching their schools, coaches, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) get all the compensationRead MoreCollege Athletes Should Be Paid1254 Words   |  6 PagesSome college athletic departments are as wealthy as professional sports teams. The NCAA has an average annual revenue of $10.6 billion dollars. College athletes should be paid because of the amount of revenue that they bring to their college. Each individual college should pay its athletes based on how much revenue they bring to the college in which they attend. The colleges that win their Division title, their Conference title, or the National championship, give bonuses to the Head coach of thatRead MoreCollege Athletes Should Not Be Paid1558 Words   |  7 Pagesstudent-athletes participate in a variety of different s ports, and currently they do not receive paychecks for their performances. College athletics have attained an extensive popularity increase among Americans over the past few decades. This has resulted into increased revenues for the National Collegiate Athletic Association [NCAA] and the participating colleges, which has fuelled the debate of whether or not college athletes should collect an income. College athletes should not be paid to play

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My First Year Of High School - 923 Words

Have you ever wondered what you do every day mean something? Well, it does mean something. Whatever you are doing prior to today will relate to your future. When that happens, you will feel wonderful and proud to have learned and known that something. During my senior year of high school, I discovered everything I learned prior to that year would relate to my future. Writing essays every day helped me to be accustomed to writing. Reading something every day will helped me because that I would learn new information. Using the technologies like the computer is also a part of my meaning to everyday life. Lifelong Learning will always be part of our daily lives wherever we go. To begin with, writing is a lot of fun and creative. During my first year of middle school, I learned how to write in a paragraph format. As my middle school year progressed, my English class did not use writing very much, so my learning about writing in a paragraph format did not follow along with me to high schoo l. When I got to the tenth grade, I was starting to enjoy my tenth grade year until I discovered that I was put into an intensive reading class. When I was put into that reading class, my learning in reading and English got difficult. I felt happy during my senior year because I was not writing as much essays as I did the year before. When I got to college and took an Essential Writing II during my Fall term in 2014, I felt excited because I was refreshing my memory of how to write a paragraph,Show MoreRelatedMy First Year Of High School947 Words   |  4 PagesI’m not quite sure when it started. My best guess would be freshman year of high school. I was transitioning into a new school which initially hadn’t bothered me. The problem was that I was split up from a lot of the friends I had before. Some were in different high schools and others were just in different classes leaving me by myself as they made new friends. Adding to this was the fact that I was in an honor s program I struggled to keep up with. The work suddenly didn’t make any sense, I was unpreparedRead MoreMy First Year Of High School1595 Words   |  7 PagesIt was the beginning of my second year of high school and I had a job interview scheduled for the second Friday in February taking care of my neighbor’s chocolate lab named Justice. However, as a spur of the moment decision, I went onto the Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club website and saw an ad for help in maintenance and so I printed off an application. They offered me an interview for that Friday. I expected to be just cleaning the shop, but when Friday came, they handed me a list of the golfRead MoreMy First Year Of High School Softball868 Words   |  4 Pagesthe game’’ (Babe Ruth) .These words are always in my head while playing. A great lesson I learned from playing softball was when you show that you are defeated, that’s when you know that you are truly defeated. I have had many failures in my life but my junior year in high school was my worst. Growing up in a family that always played softball led me into the game that shaped my life. I have always had a gift for playing, and it came easy to me. Years of practice, and money spent on travel ball teamsRead MoreMy First Year Of High School Football2080 Words   |  9 PagesIt all begins with a jolt to the head. I was running down the fresh cut green grass my first year of high school football during a kickoff practice. My job was to run as fast as I could toward the player with the football and avoid all other athletes trying to block me. All of a sudden, I realized I was on the ground and had no idea what happened. Later, I discovered I received a rotational accelerated blow to my brain. A rotational accelerated impact happens when an athlete receives â€Å"a hit thatRead MoreMy Personal Experience In My First Year Of High School754 Words   |  4 PagesIn my first year of high school, I overcame my anxiety of being independent.   All my life since the elementary schoo l, there had always been someone telling me exactly what I should be doing, where I should be going, what needs to be done, and how to get things done. This was especially apparent in elementary and middle school. Students walk together in an assembly, go to lunch as a class, play together during recess, have interactive conversations, and pack up together at the end of the day. EventuallyRead MoreMy First Day Of My Sophomore Year Of High School1005 Words   |  5 Pages My first day of my sophomore year of high school starts today. Riverview High School is a huge school and has tryouts for the Kiltie Band Highland Dancers today. If you make it, there is a rumor you are instantly popular. My name was posted on the short list in the hall next to my homeroom class and I am a Highland Dancer now. My best friend Theresa made it also, we have been placed in the same dance group. Even though we are only sophomores we are put into the Senior Dance Group A. This group justRead MoreMy First Class - Original Writing896 Words   |  4 Pagesthen shook my hand and directed me to my first class. Continuing on Monday, January 12, 2009, my first class in America. I walked into my first class, and it felt like the whole paused to look at me. For a second the teacher didn’t notice me walking in, she saw the student look at the door, and she approached me with the most welcoming face. The whole time the man that approached me and the teacher talking about me, the student were just looking at me. She direct me to a desk on the first row in frontRead MoreEssay on Personal Narrative: My Mistake566 Words   |  3 PagesAlthough high school was over for me in June 2009, I still think about the memories of my freshman, sophomore, and junior years. In these first three years of my high school experience I did not participate in school activities except drama club and a beauty pageant. I regret my decision of not participating in clubs, or going to the sport games, and not attending events in school. I would go back and change this decision for many reasons. Not participating in school resulted in me not meeting asRead MoreMy Story Of My Life996 Words   |  4 PagesMy story begins in the not so lovely city New Bedford, MA. I was born out of wedlock into an unprepared family. Even though my mother had already given birth to three other children, my parents were not ready to raise a child. Neither one of them had what it takes to properly care for a child, and that was evident almost immediately. From the day I was born my father was absent. Although missing that first milestone was due to work, it did mark the beginning of his instability in my life. HavingRead MoreGraduation Speech : My Experience Essay1654 Words   |  7 PagesThe long, gloomy buildup to my joyful experience began many years ago, when I first started school. Even on my very first day of kindergarten, it was already clear to me that going to school wasn’t going to be something that I enjoyed. I was very shy and withdrawn, and the other kids weren’t at all interested in bein g friends with me. Despite my efforts to try and fit in, they never seemed to like me as much as they all liked each other, The kids in my class didn’t see my quiet nature as shyness, but

Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Leicester

Question: Identify a topic of relevance to your degree discipline, review relevant literature on this topic, develop a research question and identify a suitable methodology for conducting a piece of research to answer this. Answer: The use and misuse of drugs and alcohol is one of the controversial issue in Leicester, UK and is also a source of conflict between all the generations and also between the different communities of the society. Alcohol and drugs are the substances that has a greater harm to the mankind. But its consumption is accepted part of many communities in Leicester. The risky part it is accepted normal by one group and to the other its not. In the later paragraphs the researches are explained in detail. The first research is about the recovery treatment of an addict of alcohol and drugs. Second research is about the perspectives of different people about the consumption of alcohol and drugs and their effect on coming generations. The third research is about the youth getting addicted to drug and alcohol and especially the medical students who are the highest victim of this issue. The fourth research is about ho minimum unit pricing can act as a way to lessen the consumption of alcohol and drug s. After that the analysis and the gaps in the above researches present are also been explained. At last a research question is raised on what is the prime thing that has to be done to resolve this issue. Literature review Alcohol and drug are the main area of research in every country as they are tha cause of major health crisis, crime among most of the youths, adults and the old ones. The usage of alcohol and drugs is classified into abstinent, controlled, impulsive, habitual, dependent. Among these abstinent and controlled are not a reason to worry but others are reasons to be worried. Recovery from the addiction is a major thing that is to be carried out now as the number of victims and the amount of consumption is increasing day by day. All the generations are consuming either alcohol or drugs in certain amount, so finding a way out for recovery could definitely be of great help. The people in UK and other countries have different perceptions on the drug and alcohol use. The different perceptions are so that in some consumption is normal but for some its a crime and an act of sin. So this is what to be done to change their minds. The habit of drinking and taking drugs is caused due to various fact ors. Stress, anxiety and personality are the features that are associated to alcohol and drug use . In UK and other countries it is seen that alcohol and drug are very much prevalent in young students and especially the university students who have not crossed the limit age of consumption. This has lead to provisions to provide better health Care and educational facilities in universities (Ghodse, A.H., Howse, K., 1994). There are positive links that has been found alcohol intake and experiences like missing schools, involving in a fight and arguments. There are also links between the personal characters like psychoticism and alcohol and drug intake. Research one along with its methodology A research was conducted to find out the recovery from drug and alcohol dependence. For this purpose the Inter Ministerial Group on Drugs requested ACMD to provide evidences to recover the victims of alcohol and drugs (Anglin, 1997). Upon this invitation a recovery committee was formed in Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. This recovery committee is aimed to perform research on drugs recovery and it is to provide evidence based advices to the government on recovery and independence of alcohol and drugs. It also provide best measures prevent the misuse and harms. This is done by the researched out 13 themes provided by ACMD that gives instant recovery (Chartered Institute of Housing, 2012). The main idea behind this is dependence and recovery which is gained by carers and the family, communication involving stigma and the media, criminal justice, providing education to the adult, schools and high schools, training, employment, housing, natural processes, recovery community, soci al care, substance misuse treatments and providing personal finances. In this the recovery of the capital was a bid issues that was found out. The results was that the recovery process was found out to be complex and rarely a process that is linear. The path to overcome dependence from the drugs and alcohol, reintegrating into society and achieving a level of well being and social status is highly specific to the individuals. The recovery is more dependent on the individual itself, the dependence severity, the individual capital of recovery, support gained from the treatment service, engaging in the mutual aid and the external atmosphere and the social circle in which the individual is living before and during the process of recovery (Livingston JD et al, 2011). The ACMD is still performing a lot of research to give the society practical and evidence based support and advises so as to improve the results of recovery particularly on the victims and the local systems. Research two along with it methodology A research was performed on the perceptions of drug use within a Bengali community in UK. The research was set up to identify the perspectives and knowledge of the usage of drug in the Bangladeshi origin population in the Leicester, UK. This study was performed in local mosque and communities and the resource center for the getting the subjects. Evidences say that the illegal drug consumption is increasing in this community. The main reason which was found out to be was the low education among these peoples. For this research a triangulated approach which utilized literature reviews, self administrated questionnaires and one to one interview (White, 2001). The written and self completed answers to the questions asked was found to be problematic but was seen to be a pragmatic way of gathering up the quantitative data. The local community, the academic agency and other professional advices were sought and the data was collected from the individuals so as to perform the study (Ford, 200 4). The participants were the Bengalis and the British Bengalis males and females. They were given the questionaries and the data was collected from them only.The result that came out was not that good. Only 16.5% that is 66 questionnaires were returned from 46 males and 20 females. The qualitative interview with few of the communities leaders tells that the drugs is a problem that is existing in their community and especially in the young and adolescent groups and other thing was that to gain support and help regarding this was a big problem for them. So if these perceptions are understood properly then appropriate services are to be provided to them accordingly based on their cultural aspects (Carey, 2000). This type of part also occurs in various other communities residing in Leicester, UK. The male, females and young ones all are the victims of drugs. So keeping in my mind further researches must be continued. Keeping in my mind the aspects of cultural value, cultural conflicts and the acculturation and the religious factor must be understood. The research should be performed to make all these communities free from the illegal drug usage. Alcohol consumption is increased about 80% from last decades. The death rate has also increased in these years enormously. Taking this in to account a research paper was published based on the research evidence on the minimum prices of alcohol. It takes in to account the current number of deaths that occurs in UK every year due to alcohol consumption (Stockwell et al, 2005). A research study was performed to check up the factors influencing the drug and alcohol use on the medical students. This study was performed on anonymous medical student studying in first year. For this a questionnaire was prepared. It involved questions relating to lifestyles, personality characters, tobacco, alcohol use, drug use, sports and activity participation and sleep patterns (Miller, P., Plant, M., 1996). They were also asked to tell the quantity of their consumption on weekly basis. The Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale was utilized to find anxiety and depression levels. If a score of eight and above is given it tells possible levels of anxiety and depression. In the questionnaires there were 30 questions relating to measure the psychological stress, 90 questions that were related to assess personality behavior. There were also questions that related to the lifestyle questions. A teaching session was carried out and the attendance was checked. To assess this minitab s oftware was used to analyze the datas. The relationship between the variables was checked using X2 tests. The relationship was assessed between different variables. It was assessed by t test, spearman test, regression analysis, Barlett test and correlation and variance tests.The result was that only 10% of the students didnt consumed alcohol. The smoking patterns were to be 9%. Cannabis was the drug taken by most of them for pleasure and curiosity. The use of antidepressant and tranquiller was reported for one man and one woman. A significant proportion of students suffered from anxiety and depression. Out of these 29% were men and 39% were women. The physical exercise daily, twice or weekly by all the men and women. The resulted showed high consumption of alcohol and drug in some groups and in some very less consumption (File, S.E., Mabbutt, P.S., Schaffer, J., 1994). The factors like anxiety, depression, experimentation and curiosity influence a lot to arouse a habit like this. Th e researches tells the universities should employ more levels of health care and alcohol and drug education to all the students in order to improve their habits and make them aware about the ill effects. Research is still going to find out the ways to remove this influencing factors from society. The psychotic level is also some what more responsible for such consumptions. Research three along with its methodology The research was done to rule out the negative impacts of heavy consumption in UK and provide evidences so as to support minimum unit pricing as a important tool to overcome this problem. In the last decades the alcohol is 45% more affordable to the people. The research as done to increase the MUP of alcohol so that it becomes a way to minimize the use. The research was conducted and it was seen that as the MUP increases the consumption by most of the consumers goes low that include the harmful and hazardous drinkers. So it was seen when the consumption is declined then the harms related to alcohol consumption is also declined in the society. This was done by using up a sheiffolds model which states if a average consumer pays ten dollors extra then in a year he/she will consume 7% less alcohol in the whole year (Wagenaar et al, 2009). A uncontrolled consumer would probably reduce 254 units of alcohol in a year and would save 165 dollars for himself. It will also cause reductions in death rate annually by 349 less death, 24100 less hospitalization and less amount of crimes. This would also bring about an increase in countrys economy by many folds. In UK the rate per unit of alcohol now is 20p to 40p per unit that is even lesser than milk. So, after this research the government of UK is planning to raise the minimum unit pricing of al cohol and make it 45p for the peoples. This is done for the public health care and public safety. The government is still finding more and more evidences related to this to carry out an appropriate minimum unit pricing and to decrease the number of death and the alcohol consumers in UK. The gaps in the research findings explained for every research From all the findings provided above it can be said that the alcohol and drug use has become a public health crisis and a prime concern for the people of UK and for the government of UK. In the first research that was performed for recovery from the alcohol and drug use it can be said that the evidences found out for recovery focuses on the individual and the capital they have to carry out the recovery treatment (White WL and Finch A, 2006). The gaps can be seen in cases were the individuals and their families does not have money to carry out the recovery process. So it can be recommended that government should male policy so as to provide free recovery treatment to the extremely poor people and a reduction in the treatment for the ones who are from average families. In the second research the perceptive of different community is analyzed to a certain extent. The Bengali community is an illiterate community with minimum amount of knowledge about drug and alcohol use. So in this the g ap can be filled by making out plans and educational policies for free to the people and tell them about the harms and hazards of drugs and alcohol. They can also be convinced to explain their children not to adapt this habit as it is a harmful for them. In this way the consumption among the youth can also be reduced. In the third research which is about the usage in medical universities. The government can ask the university to make up a policy that the students are not allowed to attend the classes if they have consumed alcohol. They should be strict laws and the students should also be fined if they do such acts and consume alcohol in the premises and or come to premises after consuming alcohol. In the forth research the MUP is taken in to account. For this government should plan out the MUP for alcohol and could take this as a means of improving the health e public. Question raised by analyzing all the researches In all these researches the research question is how to convince the youth and the old generations to minimize the use of alcohol and drugs by explaining them the hazards to health and providing them data of the deaths and harms that are done to individuals and the society as well. This question should be addressed by the researches and the government of UK. They should plan out ways and find out evidences to educated and convince the individuals not to consume alcohol and drug by providing realistic examples and adequate knowledge. Research question here basically gives importance to the youth as they are the only ones who will shape the future of the UK and the economic rate of the country. Conclusion Summing up it can be said the alcohol and drug use are seen to be increasing in the society from last decades and particularly in the youth. Huge amount of researches gives the evidences about recovery, usage and harm done to the individuals. But still many things are left that has to be carried out by the communities and the government ads well. The future criteria should be made a such to protect especially the youth from the addiction and the crime rate done by these consumers of alcohol and drugs. The researches should be focused and evidence based to have maximum results and positive outcomes. References Anglin MD, Hser Y-I and Grella CE (1997) Drug Addiction and Treatment Careers among clients in the Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study (DATOS). Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, Vol. 11, No. 4, pp308-323 Anonymous, 1995. Alcohol and the young, Summary of a report of a joint working party of the Royal College of Physicians and the British Paediatric Association. J. R. Coll. Physicians London 29 (6), 470474. Carey SF.Drug use amongst Bangladeshi youths on the Ocean estate. Final report.London: Community Partnership; 2000. Looking for the buzz: Heroin-the drug of choice Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) (2012) The role of housing in drugs recovery: A practice compendium. Coventry: CIH Department of Health, 1995. Sensible Drinking. The Report of an Inter-Departmental Working Group. HMSO, London. Ford R. Teenagers are targeted in drive against yob culture.The Times.2004. pp. 13. File, S.E., Mabbutt, P.S., Schaffer, J., 1994. Alcohol consumption and lifestyle in medical students. J. Psychopharmacol. 8, 2226 Ghodse, A.H., Howse, K., 1994. Substance use of medical students: a nationwide survey. Health Trends 26, 8588 Leicestershire County Council Race Equality Scheme 2005-2007. 2005. Livingston JD et al. (2011) The effectiveness of interventions for reducing stigma related to substance use disorders: a systematic review. Addiction, Volume 107, Issue 1, pages 3950, January 2012 Miller, P., Plant, M., 1996. Drinking, smoking and illicit drug use among 15 and 16 year olds in the United Kingdom. Br. Med. J. 313, 394397. Stockwell T, Auld MC, Zhao JH, Martin G. (2012) Does minimum pricing reduce alcohol consumption?The experience of a Canadian province. Addiction, 107(5). Wagenaar AC, SaloisMJ ,and KomroKA(2009) Effects of beverage alcohol price and taxlevels On drinking:a meta H analysis of 1003 estimates from 112 studies. Addiction,104(2) White WL and Finch A (2006) The recovery school movement: Its history and future, Counselor, 7(2), pp54-58 White R. Heroin use, ethnicity and the environment: The case of the London Bangladeshi community.Addiction.2001;96:181524. World Health Organisation (1992) ICD-10 Classifications of Mental and Behavioural Disorder: Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Guidelines. Geneva: World Health Organisation

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Richard Sennetts account of the new capitalism in relation to current organizations

There have been many economic systems in the history of the world, all formed out of various ideologies but the most prevalent one has been capitalism. Capitalism is a system whereby the means of production are in the hands of private owners and its main aim is making profits and more profits. Supply, demand, price, distribution, and investments decisions are determined by a liberated market and governments have little or no authority over the market.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Richard Sennett’s account of the ‘new capitalism’ in relation to current organizations specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The revenues from the entities are mainly for the owners and little is used to pay wages to workers. However, there is a new economic system that is developing in the world known as the new capitalism. New capitalism is a sociological phenomenon that has to do with the new economy effect on the hu man relationships. Sennett describes a scenario whereby corporations have changed from the bureaucracy organizations described by Weber (2006, p. 203). Organizations today are not centered, they are unstable and diffuse; unlike the former pyramid-like corporate structures whereby people would know their status and therefore they could plan for the future because there were assured long-term stability, benefits, social capital, and interpersonal trust. Employees have to now prove themselves as valuable assets to the entity for them to secure their future by showing their potentiality rather than specialty and experience. People demand services rather than goods. Capital, labor potential and innovations are the driving forces for the economic development. The system is generally characterized by: Globalization and automation, blue-collar jobs, unionized work, reduced manual work and an increase in value of professional workers. The system thrives on economics, information architecture , cybernetics, game theory and information theory among other sciences and technologies. The ideology has been mainly developed by a sociologist Richard Sennett and a professor at the London School of Economics. He is very popular for his contribution and study of social relationships in cities, and the effects of urbanization on individuals in the modern world among other ideologies such as the liquid society. New capitalism has led to the formation of a very liquid society due to the rapid changes in technology and society. People’s life’s now change at the same rate: nomadism has become a routine in all aspects of the modern man: people change their lives like a tourists, change places, jobs, spouses, values and sometimes political or sexual orientation (Sennett 2006, 203). Modernity has evolved from solid to liquid creating unexpected situations for man; therefore making individuals face many new challenges that have not been there before. Institutions do not matur e and solidify so a create foundation for human activities; they break before that happens hence man is prompted to find other ways to organize life.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More An individual must be prepared before engaging in any activity by analyzing its gains and losses first. The global economy has also shifted from being industrial to service oriented enterprise. Socially the modernity is characterized by movements fighting for civil rights and equality in the female gender and also multi-culturalism. Sennett (1998, p. 221) argues that â€Å"the former political sphere was comprised of numerous arenas and possibilities of citizenship and political action concerning various forms of struggle against oppression or alienation (in collectives defined by sex or ethnicity) while the modernist political arena remains restricted to class struggle.† Organizations in the private sector the social-welfare programs in collaboration with the government and agree to and execute general wage levels and also ensure the administration’s spends across the economy in favor of workers so as to avoid strikes and labor unrest. The above explanations of new capitalism are evident in our societies therefore the changes are really happening. Recently the ANC banking group of Australia CEO gave a report citing that the banking sector globally is facing huge risks and uncertainties hence making operations to be very expensive. This depicts the new capitalism type of organizations that operate with no stability and hence cannot also offer their employees reliable benefits because the entities themselves can collapse anytime. He said that the sector and specifically the bank need to concentrate on productivity and new innovations so as to stay relevant in the market; therefore changes have to be implemented. New capitalism, according Sennet (1998, p. 87), i s all about innovations and competition to stay relevant. He also said that the bank is intending to expand more globally and also engage in investment strategies worldwide hence the bank will be responding to the new capitalism requirements of globalization for the sake of its shareholders. In another article the Labor Party in Australia is advocating for the increase in the SG (the compulsory contribution paid into a worker’s super account by their employer) from 9 per cent of gross pay to 12 per cent by 2019 (Fraser 2010, np). This will enable the employees to accumulate substantial savings that will guarantee them a good retirement.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Richard Sennett’s account of the ‘new capitalism’ in relation to current organizations specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is an example of new capitalism ideologies where governments make policies that protect citizens from their employer’s meanness so that they can secure themselves a good future and also boosts the welfare of the entire country. Companies are also buying other organizations leading to mergers a phenomena that characterizes new capitalism ideologies.BHP Billitons a mining company in Australia ha s made a bid to the Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc that manufactures potassium for farm use. BHP wants to expand the company and make it a worldwide business because it has the potential since the commodity is essential the globally. This again is a globalization strategy; companies are seeking more revenues worldwide for Potash that is another reason as to why organizations today cannot be considered stable because they can undergo both management and economic changes anytime. Some people consider BHP’s move a risk, analysts have cited that the purchase of Potash by it will lower its credit ratings. However, the management says â€Å"that company would not be facing a s teep downgrade, because Potash Corporation would increase its geographic diversity and has solid medium and long-term prospects† (Bain 2010, np). This is a display of uncertainty in decisions being made by organizations in the new economy. Some are risky ventures but they choose to continue in the hope that the venture will be successful and will therefore keep the entity relevant in the market. The prime media group has also been doing well, advertising spending has doubled and especially no w that there are election campaigns. â€Å"The group plans to pick up Seven Group Holdings Ltd’s newest digital channel, 7mate, due to launch on September 25† (Smith 2010, np). Westfield chains of stores have also been doing well in their business and the director says the market is now not volatile but there are still uncertainties in the business’s environment. He says the stores have survived the recession and are now trying venture into new strategies so as to bui ld a strong base for economic development. However not all business in Australia are doing well the Direct Factory Outlets (DFO) retail chain has evaded receivership after its owners the Developer Austexx, made agreements with banks from which the chain has their loans. The banks have agreed to extend the loans for the chain for it to recover. The management has mentioned that the crisis has been due to bad decisions about expansion of the chain. Another company under crisis is the Downer EDI, an engineering company whose profits have declined by 90% from last year, s. The company has blamed the global recession for this saying that it led to loss of investors both private and public. The company has also admitted to quality issues of their trains and also it says that it has not been able to meet deadlines of the requisitions made by customers. The management has said that the company is making changes both operational and organizational so as to improve its services and performanc e.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Australian timber company Gunn’s is also in crisis, it is trying to get out of the crisis by selling some of its non-core assets. Recently it has sold the Tasmanian pulp mill and its Tamar Ridge winery to enable reorganization by downsizing. The management says that it has â€Å"a lot of work to do over the coming 12 months to continue to develop our asset base and the next stage of development which will be the closure of the pulp mill project† (Griffiths 2010, np) Sennett portrays the new capitalism as short-termism because it concentrates on insists on flexibility and the relocation of workers from on job to another. This means that there is no need for people to specialize in a particular field all they need is the potential and skill because the economy is moving very fast and so is employers interests. Workers should therefore not dwell on past experience to deliver services any more instead they should be eager to learn the new task. Sennett points out that â€Å"most people need a sustaining life narrative; take pride in being good at something specific; and value the experiences they accrue, and the new capitalism is a source of misery for many people† (2006, p. 256). The new capitalism is as a result of various forces put together hence generating the changes. The first was the change of authority from the management to the shareholders; and the investors are out to make quick profits not long-term gains. The concept of quick money is not new to the globe but capital combined with pressure for profits is the reason for the changes. The current era views stability as a weak point and a disadvantage; the favored option is innovation, new opportunities and total enterprise. Development of new information technologies is also another major force that has mainly created changes in the way that managed. Communication and transport is now very fast than before; managers can send orders electronically and expect results at the same s peed. This speed is actually not good for business because very many bad decisions are made due to speed and they end up working against the entity. The casualisation of labor and the formation of unions have made it more difficult to get labor and to manage it too hence organizations ought to be careful when hiring, managing and firing because strikes can be very ruinous for their operations both in reputation and production (Hyam and Janda 2010, np) The above core changes and their reasons are very visible in the Australians organizations mentioned earlier, they are all geared towards quick profits through investors capital. The organizations drop enterprises that are not making profits and change to develop the viable ventures, the ones that are doing well keep looking for new innovations so as to maintain their positions. All of these changes also involve the employees hence the need for potential rather than specialty in a particular field because the organizations will be requ iring different kind of labor at different times. The changes could be good for revenues but still they got their weaknesses that they bring in an organization. Sennett argues, â€Å"there are three deficits that follow on from the structural changes; low institutional loyalty, the loss of informal channels of trust among employees and the weakening of institutional knowledge† (1998, p. 102). The New capitalism therefore has its advantages and disadvantages but one thing that is obvious is that it is overtaking capitalism worldwide. References Bain, D 2010, ‘BHP ratings under threat in Potash bid’, ABCNews, viewed on https://abcnews.go.com/ Fraser, A 2010, ‘Retail softness dries up Billabong sales’, The Australian, viewed on https://www.theaustralian.com.au/ Griffiths, M 2010, ‘Greens play down chances of pulp mill deal’, ABCNews, viewed on https://abcnews.go.com/ Hyam, R Janda, M, ‘Banks agree to DFO lifeline’, ABCNews, vi ewed on https://abcnews.go.com/ Sennett, R 1998, The Corrosion of Character: The personal consequences of work, in the new capitalism, Norton, New York. Sennett, R 2006, The Culture of the New Capitalism, Yale University Press, London. Smith, J 2010, ‘Seven Network announces merger’, ABCNews, . https://abcnews.go.com/ This essay on Richard Sennett’s account of the ‘new capitalism’ in relation to current organizations was written and submitted by user Camilla Rodgers to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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buy custom Securing the Crime Scene essay

buy custom Securing the Crime Scene essay Cross-contamination of forensic science evidence refers to the presence of trace evidence on a significant item (Brown Davenport, 2011). Trace evidence, such as hair, blood, paint, and fibers, is readily transferable from one item to another. This fact raises the issue of the forensic science evidence cross-contamination (Brown Davenport, 2011). A significant evidence can mix with a trace evidence during the investigation process.. Many forensic investigators have arrived at wrongful conclusions because of the cross-contamination of significant evidence. It is possible to avoid cross-contamination by following well-controlled forensic procedures during the investigation. Forensic investigators perform strictly controlled procedures in order to make it certain that cross-contamination has happened during the crime and not during the investigation (Brown Davenport, 2011). This discussion will consider the effectiveness of the procedures that help protect forensic science evidence fr om the cross-contamination. Securing the crime scene, proper packaging during collection, and secure transportation of the significant evidence, are the crucial steps that forensic officers should observe (Brown Davenport, 2011). Forensic officers should observe maximum care during each step in order to avoid the possibility of the cross-contamination after the discovery of the crime. Securing the crime scene avoids the cross-contamination effectively because the sources of trace evidence do not cross to the significant evidence. While securing the crime scene, the forensic officers should then collect, handle, and pack with care the significant evidence. They should pack each piece of evidence separately in the clean containers and label them correctly. Secure transportation ensures that the packages of significant evidence arrive to the forensic laboratories for the examination (Brown Davenport, 2011). Therefore, because of the possibility of the cross-contamination, forensic officers should be extremely careful while handling the forensic science evidence. Securing the crime scene, proper packages, and secure transportation of the significant evidence, effectively avoid the cross-contamination. The presence of trace evidence may lead to the wrongful conclusion after the analysis. Buy custom Securing the Crime Scene essay

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Business Cycle in Theory

The business cycle is a nonrepeating cycle of expansion from commercial activity to economic recession, which shows various upward trends. As part of the business cycle, the recession starts as the investment increases, and the economic recession expands as investment increases. From 1929 to 1933, GDP declined by 30% and the economy entered the Great Depression which continued until the Second World War. There have been ten recessions since 1945. To some extent, the 1990s like the 1920s included rapid economic growth and unprecedented prosperity (). From a conceptual point of view, linking innovation-based growth to business cycle theory is not new. The history of this idea can be traced back to at least Schumpeter (1934). Aghion and Howitt (1991) reviewed several attempts to unify growth and business cycle. Implementation cycle theory of Shleifer (1986) is an example of the conceptual relationship between (endogenous) business cycle and innovation-based growth theory. Cycle of repea ted innovation in enterprises due to externality of demand. Because we are looking forward to prosperity, prosperity will be self-fulfilling. However, to our knowledge, this is the first study to integrate diversity-based endogenous growth base and elements of the RBC method (note the attention to exogenous total productivity as the only uncertain factor Including). Because many people believe that there is an economic cycle, the economic cycle theory is important. This is not a permanent belief. In the 19th century, the economic cycle was not regarded as an economic cycle at all, but it was regarded as a spell of crisis that hampers the steady development of the economy. In the next few years economists and non economists began to believe in the regularity of these crises and analyzed how they relate to the segregated and changing economic structure. In society, it is said that history is constantly repeated. This is a business cycle that repeats the cycle that has been going on fo r many years, from the economic downturn to recovery and expansion. It will never end, it will not stop repeating Business Cycle in Theory The business cycle is a nonrepeating cycle of expansion from commercial activity to economic recession, which shows various upward trends. As part of the business cycle, the recession starts as the investment increases, and the economic recession expands as investment increases. From 1929 to 1933, GDP declined by 30% and the economy entered the Great Depression which continued until the Second World War. There have been ten recessions since 1945. To some extent, the 1990s like the 1920s included rapid economic growth and unprecedented prosperity (). From a conceptual point of view, linking innovation-based growth to business cycle theory is not new. The history of this idea can be traced back to at least Schumpeter (1934). Aghion and Howitt (1991) reviewed several attempts to unify growth and business cycle. Implementation cycle theory of Shleifer (1986) is an example of the conceptual relationship between (endogenous) business cycle and innovation-based growth theory. Cycle of repea ted innovation in enterprises due to externality of demand. Because we are looking forward to prosperity, prosperity will be self-fulfilling. However, to our knowledge, this is the first study to integrate diversity-based endogenous growth base and elements of the RBC method (note the attention to exogenous total productivity as the only uncertain factor Including). Because many people believe that there is an economic cycle, the economic cycle theory is important. This is not a permanent belief. In the 19th century, the economic cycle was not regarded as an economic cycle at all, but it was regarded as a spell of crisis that hampers the steady development of the economy. In the next few years economists and non economists began to believe in the regularity of these crises and analyzed how they relate to the segregated and changing economic structure. In society, it is said that history is constantly repeated. This is a business cycle that repeats the cycle that has been going on fo r many years, from the economic downturn to recovery and expansion. It will never end, it will not stop repeating

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How did the United States justify and achieve Manifest Destiny Research Paper

How did the United States justify and achieve Manifest Destiny - Research Paper Example Because of their cultural, political, and racial superiority, they believed their destiny was to escalate their and rules to enlighten other nations that were not exposed. The pride and superiority of possessed American settlers forced them to acquire its neighboring territories by force and compulsion leading to the Mexican War in 1840. They had the notion that God would give them land from Pacific to Atlantic Ocean. The Americans had diverse justifications of the components leading to achievement of their Manifest Destiny. The ideology of manifest destiny had many components treating an individual in various ways reflecting the pride and superiority by Americans in Mid 19th century. Justification of the idealistic vision of social excellence through God and church created separate opinions to conquer new land. The American Unified ideology was to dominate the whole world from pole to pole. The following factors and occurrences were imperative in justification of United States to achieve manifest destiny. According to many people, Manifest Destiny depended on the notion of American having a divine Providence. They believed that America had a future controlled by God to expand its borders without any limit to country or area. All the activities involving traveling and expansion were also a factor of the Manifest Destiny. It compounded with the notion that it was Gods will for Americans to spread over the whole continent controlling and populating the country, as they required. Since many expansionists believed that God had explicit power to sustain and guide human destiny, they concentrated in conquering and Christianizing the land. The Manifest Destiny was the mass settlers move across the land in advance to replace darkness with light and ignorance with civilization. The Manifest Destiny increased by the inclusion of strong Gods will in the individual’s ideology while others